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Same Revolutionary Technology

Now With More Features To Protect Those Who Serve

Our Mission

To allow all firefighters to perform better through education, service and persistent innovation.

About Us

PyroUHP began with the PyroLance which introduced fine mist of water through a small opening less than 1/8 inches – 3mm. A rapid reduction in temperature occurs without introducing large amounts of oxygen, which greatly reduces the likelihood of flashover or backdraft. Firefighters can manage the thermal layer while remaining outside in a safe, shielded, defensive position. Now PyroUHP has expanded their selection of products and services to better protect those who serve us.


What Is UHP?

PyroUHP | Ultra High Pressure Technology

The National Fire Protection Association defines Ultra High Pressure (UHP) as fire suppression of over 1100 PSI at the pump. PyroUHP uses UHP at 1200 PSI to break down the water droplet size to 1/64th the size, therefore creating 12-16X the surface area of conventional fire suppression methods.

Extinguishing with Incredible Speed

By reducing the droplet size of water, UHP increases the surface area for any given volume of water by 16 to 20 times. This allows this technology to absorb heat and extinguish fires in record time.

Technology for the Modern Fire Environment

With the introduction of the PyroUHP Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression Systems, the ability to cool the gaseous phase of the fire becomes a real alternative to physically taking the energy out of the thermal column.

Effective Water Droplet Size. Peak Extinguishment

PyroUHP uses 1200 PSI to create the most effective water droplet. This water droplet is light enough to travel in the flowpath of the fire and suppress it from a safe distance. It has been shown to be as effective as extinguishing 90-95% of the fire via indirect fire attack.

Featured Products

PyroLance Models

PyroLance is a next-generation tool for accessing, attacking and extinguishing fire. The Lance communicates wirelessly with the pump unit to shoot an ultra-high pressure stream of water together with granite abrasive to pierce through all types of barriers in seconds.

PyroBlitz Models

PyroBlitz is a tough, lightweight attack line that is designed for fast, aggressive attack. It features a superior stream reach coupled with the inherent low water consumption of ultra high pressure technology that is ideal for fighting both structural and wildland fires.

Combo PyroLance

PyroLance and PyroBlitz may be ordered as stand-alone units or in combination for a powerful one-two punch. Both systems are engineered for safety, convenient operation and maximum firefighting effectiveness.

A turnkey solution for any
fire vehicle

PyroBlitz is a proven tool for Vehicle, Wildland and Structural Firefighting. Use the power of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Fire Suppression to put out these fires Faster, Safer and far more Effectively.

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