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PyroLance introduces its fine mist of water through a small opening less than 1/8 inches – 3mm. A rapid reduction in temperature occurs without introducing large amounts of oxygen, which greatly reduces the likelihood of flashover or backdraft. Firefighters can manage the thermal layer while remaining outside in a safe, shielded, defensive position.PyroLance makes fire scenes safer by cooling the thermal layer and eliminating the risk of backdraft and flashover.

PyroLance uses pressurized water with a non-metallic aggregate, it is completely non-heat producing and does not generate sparks. This gives PyroLance the ability to quickly breach and/or cut most types of materials without creating any additional heat or sparks. In addition, without the requirement of any other tools, it becomes both a defensive and offensive fire attack tool. PyroLance as a disruptive technology is a true revolution in firefighting equipment and operational methodology, and the key to achieving a true transitional attack capability.