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Our Beginning

In 2006, PyroUHP brought a Swedish firefighting technology to the US and named our company Cobra North America. We immediately found opportunities for improvement of this technology and PyroLance was formed. PyroLance introduces its fine mist of water through a small opening less than 1/8 inches – 3mm. A rapid reduction in temperature occurs without introducing large amounts of oxygen, which greatly reduces the likelihood of flashover or backdraft. Firefighters can manage the thermal layer while remaining outside in a safe, shielded, defensive position. The piercing technology was our company’s sole focus until 2009 when the PyroBlitz UHP system was developed. This skid-based unit utilized the same Ultra High Pressure technology as the PyroLance without the piercing capability. The company continued to operate under the PyroLance name until 2018. Due to further developments in UHP technology, PyroLance decided to change its name to PyroUHP.

Our Present

With several recent technology developments in both the PyroLance and PyroBlitz lines, a decision was made to modernize the website and adopt a name that better describes the broad focus of our company and its future. PyroLance will continue as a product category, but the company name will be PyroUHP.  

Our Future

PyroUHP will continue to be the leader in Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression product quality and product development. Here is a glimpse into our future with one of our pending products. Check it out!