Structural Fires


Break down walls

As in a military exercise, there are often various strategies employed based on unique situations. An assault on a structural fire is best accomplished utilizing the principle of transitional attack: cooling down gases as well as surfaces prior to a more head-on frontal strike. It is a safer way to fight a compartmentalized blaze.

The PyroLance has the unique capability of penetrating through an outside wall and encasing the fire in an ultra-high-pressure water mist, instantly cooling the internal temperature by hundreds of degrees. All the while, the firefighter remains in a defensive exterior position, greatly lowering the risk of bodily injury.

Once the interior conditions have been brought under control, a firefighter can enter the fire zone in a rapid attack, armed with the PyroBlitz, to finish off the fire with Ultra-High-Pressure fog.

This transitional attack technique provides for a super-fast response time, fierce knockdown power, the highest level of safety, and the least collateral damage to property.

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