The LTAC is a modular designed unit that can be added to any UHP unit, converting it into a highly capable penetrating Lance system



General Information (Minimum Flow Requirement) Lance Pressure: 1400 PSI (100 bar)

Flow Rate: 10 GPM (38 L/min) Water Droplet Size: .0059” (150 micron)

Water Velocity: 150 mph (240 km/h) Water Throw Distance: 80 feet (25m)

Module Size: 21” x 17” x 24” (533 x 432 x 610 mm) Weight: 100 lbs (45 Kg)

Safety Margin: 4:1 Hose: one 1/2” hose, length 20 feet (6m)

Control System Wireless System

Hose Supply hose lengths between 150 to 1000 feet (45.7m to 304.8m)

Abrasive and Abrasive Vessel 1 gallon (3.8 L) Abrasive Vessel

Product Brochure

LTAC flyer 2019


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